Project Profile

Goals of the project

The Design Studio is a 5,000 square foot collaborative learning and making space developed with the goal of supporting undergraduate education in the Mechanical Engineering department.

Nature of the Collaboration

Dr. Buckley led a team of undergraduate students to build out the space that was developed and supported by various alumni, donors, and the Delaware Design Institute.


The space was designed and built using various skills: laser cutting, design, construction (railings, racks, wall panels), assembly (rolling whiteboards, furniture), and more


Laser cutter, bandsaw, Adobe Illustrator, cordless drills, fasteners


The original idea was realized through soliciting funding to support the materials and labor needed to realize the vision. Students were involved at all stages so the space was created by students, for students.


Approval of plan, initial funding, completion

Challenges encountered

The original plans included two wooden lofts in different rooms of the Design Studio. However, the chain of approval was not clear, so after initial clearance and build-out, the lofts were ultimately taken down. The students memorialized them by creating plaques that say “better to have loft and lost than never to have loft at all.”

Major outcomes

The Design Studio is complete and a major hub of activity for undergraduates in the program.

Innovations, impact and successes

Undergraduate students, particularly in design, have been able to work more efficiently and effectively by utilizing the new space.