About MakeSchools

MakeSchools.org is inviting institutional leaders, faculty, students and staff to contribute to this dynamic community resource and help exemplify the value and impact of making on campuses and in their surrounding communities.

Launched in Fall 2014, this dynamic online platform will house their contributed content and diverse perspectives will crystalize into rich picture of making in American education.

Cataloging Making

MakeSchools is a shared knowledge base and higher ed. community which will catalog the value and impact of maker culture in universities around the nation. This online community database will engage leading universities, art and design schools, and community colleges around the nation who are committed to promoting STEM & STEAM education and empowering a new generation of Makers -- within their institutions and out to their communities.

This work comes at a time when the Maker Movement is beginning to touch hundreds and thousands of people across the country, and when communities are benefiting from shared spaces and tools used to design, create, and innovate anything imaginable.

How to Participate

MakeSchools.org (leveraging the NSF funded XSEAD platform ) offers an online repository of the maker movement in US universities and colleges.

Participating institutions are requested to contribute text and multimedia documentation detailing their institution’s engagement with the “maker movement”. This documentation will be presented in an online, publicly accessible, portal that will connect the dots between the diversity of initiatives, people, spaces, success stories and approaches demonstrated across the nation.

The first phase of this initiative is the development of university profiles describing their engagement with maker culture on their campuses. This is already underway, taking place between July and February 2015.

If you or your institution would like to be included in the effort, you are encouraged to contact us as soon as possible where we can provide detailed instructions and guidance on preparing information.

To participate contact: Daragh Byrne daraghb@andrew.cmu.edu and Crystal Hall crystalh@andrew.cmu.edu