Project Profile

Goals of the project

To create an innovation studio to serve as a makerspace for individuals interesting in creating items/prototypes such as innovative wearables and design products, interiors, and retail related goods.

Nature of the Collaboration

Both individuals (as well as other collaborators selected by Dr. Hustvedt) are working together to determine the equipment, programs, etc necessary to develop an innovation studio suitable for a makerspace related to creatives within the disciplines of the School of Family & Consumer Sciences (including but not limited to: merchandising, fashion, interior design, retailing, product development). The creation of the makerspace is currently in progress.


Design, sewing, knitting, coding, prototype development (all skills needed have not been finalized)

While the development of the Innovation Studio is still in progress and initial project has been discussed to develop a wearables piece using Raspberry Pi. Depending on the project, it will require, including by not limited to, designing, possibly sewing or knitting, and coding.


Initial project will require Raspberry Pi.

Possible equipment under consideration (not limited to this list): 3D printer, laser cutter, textile printer, sewing equipment, knitting equipment.


Innovation Studio started as a textiles lab. The space is in the process of being converted into an Innovation Studio for use for research and creation. It is still in the development stage.


Initial project discussion has commenced. Decision to use Raspberry Pi to create a wearable technology project/prototype.

Challenges encountered

We are still in the development stage. Challenges thus far have been determining what equipment should be included.

Major outcomes

No outcomes yet.

Innovations, impact and successes