Course Profile

Goals of the Course

The course focuses on goal setting, project identification, project planning and management, marketing, financing, and implementing student directed educational projects within the I-35 corridor and beyond. The projects are aimed at increasing citizen awareness and understanding of business and economic issues, based on the criteria set by the Students in Free Enterprise national organization.

Who is it designed for?

The course is available to business students who have shown outstanding performance in their first two years of coursework. 

Learning Objectives

- Students will learn and understand concepts related to the market economy and free enterprise systems.

- Students will work individually and in teams to create and develop, implement, and evaluate local and global outreach projects designed to involve students, faculty, and the community in an educational awareness of the free enterprise system.

- Students will develop leadership, negotiation, persuasion and written and oral presentation skills.

- Students will refine marketing and management skills as they work to implement, evaluate, and improve projects. They will learn to work together as a team to produce projects that meet criteria required by SIFE Headquarters.

- Students emphasize the importance of conducting the projects and business in a professional and ethical manner.

Maker skills it develops

Students will be expected to gain skills in oral and written communication. They will learn to represent professionalism in their appearance, attitude, and presence. Students emerge as leaders and demonstrate expertise in conducting business ventures.  


Junior or higher or special approval; Instructor approval required.

Skills, Tools and Technologies Used

Organization, leadership, strategic thinking skills, problem solving skills, search engine optimization

Key Examples and Prior Work


Key Resources

The key resources to any successful business venture are people (great students), money (financial support), and continuous relationships (through external constituency). 

Example Assignment

In an effort to educate students on the process of developing and managing a business, students are given one large project to manage over the course of the semester. Students log hours, work details, and reflections on the process. The end of the semester closes with a professional presentation and demonstration of learned objectives.

Lessons Learned

“If you have high expectations, students will rise to meet them.”

“High expectations + motivation = winning results”