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  • Bring making to your summer programming! Apply to be a Maker Corps 2015 Host Site.

    By lisa Thursday January 2015, 02:27 UTC

    What is Maker Corps:

    Maker Corps was designed to meet the demand for human capacity in organizations eager to embed making into their youth-oriented programs. In the past two years, Maker Ed has served more than 140,000 children and families by placing over 200 Maker Corps Members in 50 organizations across 24 states.​

    Maker Corps engages both organizations and their Maker Corps Members​ throughout the spring and summer by bringing them together through an online​ ​community​ ​to develop programs and projects and ​leading them through​ ​series of online training (both for the ​organization​ and the Maker Corps Members)​ that is​ complemented by a Possibility Box filled with tools and resources.

    Program Goals

    • Build confidence, creativity, and career readiness of Corps Members.
    • Diversify and expand the network of makers, mentors, and community leaders.
    • Expand the capacity of organizations to engage youth and families in making.

    H​ow does an organization participate?​

    By applying to be a Host Site!​ ​Maker Corps Host Sites are organizations in the U.S. such as universities, science centers, children’s museums, schools, libraries, makerspaces, and other youth-serving agencies able to provide safe, creative environments, with the personal and social support necessary for each child to have a rich making experience. Host Sites provide day-to-day supervision of at least two Maker Corps Members who are employed at their site during the summer. Program Description, funding availability, and application can be found here.​ Application closes on January 30th, 2015.

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