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  • Discovery Park

    Makerspace at Purdue University

    Discovery Park is the interdisciplinary and translational research hub for Purdue University. A cluster of six innovative research facilities with over 250,000 assignable sq. ft. provides cutting edge instrumentation, labs, meeting and office space for interdisciplinary centers and multiple projects. Discovery Park facilities encompass interdisciplinary research activities from across the campus including nanotechnology, bioscience, climate change, environment, energy, water, food security, entrepreneurship, learning research, cyber, healthcare engineering, drug discovery, as well as research areas like the science of information and predicting and modeling the behaviors of new materials.

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  • 3D Solid Printing Active Classroom Experience (3SPACE)

    Makerspace at James Madison University

    3SPACE has been programmed consistently with that class and others as auxiliary instruction, and frequent faculty and outreach workshops.

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