Course Profile

Goals of the Course

The course brings together art students and engineering students in a collaboration on a major attraction for a theme park.

Who is it designed for?

Senior Standing Engineering and Art students

Learning Objectives

To develop the real world skills of bringing art and engineering together to design advanced products.

Maker skills it develops

Hand built prototypes and modeling, 3D printing, and laser cutting.


Consent of instructor and senior standing 

Skills, Tools and Technologies Used

Hand built prototypes and modeling, 3D printing, laser cutting. These skills are taught during the course.

Key Examples and Prior Work

This course has proposed major attraction to leading theme parks and currently many of these proposed attractions are being further developed by the theme parks.

Key Resources

American Disability Act.

Example Assignment

Create the concept and tell “the story” why the theme park should invest in this attraction.  

Lessons Learned

The students must be held to tight timelines. An assignment on the timeline is due every week.