An interview on Making with

Jessica Kertis Ulrich

Seller Social Media Manager, Etsy

About Jessica

Jessica Kertis Ulrich is Etsy’s Seller Social Media Manager. She manages the Etsy Success community on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where Etsy sellers can connect with Etsy and each other. She is also a long-time maker and Etsy seller. She designs and makes leather goods, clothing and jewelry for her eponymous line, Kertis.

What is Making?

Making is dreaming, designing, building, producing. It is the act of creating something and all of the steps along the way. It can be messy and challenging, but also exhilarating and freeing.

It’s the excitement of bringing an idea to fruition.

Who are Makers?

Anyone can be a Maker! If you’re involved in the act of creating something—whether you’re working on a craft project, designing a product, writing code, or anything in between—I would consider you a Maker.

Why is Making important?

Making is empowering. For one, it’s just incredibly satisfying and thrilling to create something with your own hands. For many Etsy sellers, and Makers, Making means independence and self-fulfillment. It is an opportunity to start a creative business and to make a living doing something that you love. 

What is an exciting example of Making and why?

There are so many exciting Maker stories! It’s hard to choose just one. I am so inspired by all of the Etsy designers and makers who have quit their day jobs to pursue their creative passions, as well as all of the makers who push themselves every day to balance running a business with the responsibilities of being a mom, working 9 to 5, etc. etc. It excites me to see someone start very small with one idea, and then follow it and build on it as it grows.

How is Making transforming education?

The process of Making involves curiosity, experimentation and creative thinking. You’re figuring out how elements fit together and solving problems as you work. Bringing that kind hands-on learning to the classroom can deepen engagement—and make education more fun! For me, Making has always been about learning, whether that’s mastering a new skills or working to become better at my craft. You’re constantly learning as you Make. 

How can Making change my community?

I’ve found that Making tends to bring people together in positive ways; it builds community. I’ve seen strangers connect and bond with each other while working on projects at Craft Night, an event we have regularly here at Etsy. Within the Etsy community, Makers come together on Teams to share business advice, form friendships and learn from others’ experience. They’re building networks and and improving their creative businesses together.

How does Making solve big problems?

Making impacts the economy and communities around the globe. Etsy recently launched Etsy Manufacturing, a new marketplace to help designers and manufacturers build responsible partnerships together. It’s now easier for a designer or maker looking to grow her business to find assistance. As a maker and business owner who personally struggled to figure out how to scale or find production assistance, I think this is a game changer. I’m really excited about it! I can’t wait to see how it empowers makers and designers to grow their businesses.