Making Impact MakeSchools Student Competition

Proudly supported and sponsored by Dremel

Students around the nation are realizing new ways for impact and change through the Maker movement. To highlight this, students are invited to submit a project they've created that is 'Making Impact.' The best project will win an awesome Maker Kit from Dremel.

How are you Making Impact on your campus, in your community or in the world with Making?

Overall Winner

Cause and Effect Toy for Pediatric Therapy

David Shamblin

University of Central Florida

Runners Up:

  • Tactum: Skin-Centric Design

    Madeline Gannon

    Carnegie Mellon University

  • Nonspec Prosthetics

    Erin Kearney, Jonathan De Alderete & Brendan Donoghue

    University of Massachusetts Lowell


  • Margot Vigeant

    Professor & Associate Dean of Engineering, Bucknell University

  • Malcolm Cooke

    Executive Director, think[box], Case Western Reserve University

  • Nick Longford

    Channel Marketing Manager, Dremel


The winning project will receive a Dremel Maker Package which includes a Dremel Idea Builder 3D Printer, Fortiflex Heavy Duty Flex Shaft tool, the 8050 Cordless Rotary Tool, the 4000 Corded Rotary Tool, a VersaTip Butane Tool, a Dremel VersaFlame Butane Tool and the Dremel Saw-Max MultiSaw!


Two runner up prizes (more awesome Dremel tools and products) will also be awarded.

How to Enter:

Submit your project at and complete the online submission.

All submissions must be received by May 31, 2015 23.59PM PDT. The submission process will require a primary contact to create a profile using a valid (institution) email address and submit the entry on behalf of all team members. Submissions require the name of the affiliated instition, a project description, an active URL at which your video is viewable and a list of team members and their roles. All submissions are subject to and contingent upon compliance with the Competition Rules.


Dremel has been fostering makers and doers for 82+ years and is a trusted mentor and educator in the 'making' process through Dremel Experts and various digital touch-points. Dremel understands the personalized touch required to mentor millions of people, all similar, but on a distinctly unique maker journey. With unique solutions, Dremel empowers individuals to complete creative and/or fulfilling projects. Dremel, The Brand for makers.

For more information on Dremel products please visit For more information on the Idea Builder 3D Printer please visit

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The fine print

Below is a summary of the competition rules, eligibility and entry requirements. Before submitting an entry, you should review the full competition rules carefully. All submissions are subject to and contingent upon compliance with these rules. If you have a question that isn't answered here, get in touch using our contact form


Judges will review each submission in accordance with the theme and make a final determination. Finalists will be selected based on a) creativity b) originality and c) relevance to the theme. The selection of any finalist as a winner is also subject to and contingent upon compliance with the competition rules.

Submission Requirements:

Each submission must represent the original work of the entrants. Projects can be playful or serious but should be thoughtful, creative and original maker-outcomes. Videos must be no more than 3 minutes in length. Only one submission per project team is allowed, and no person may enter the competition more than once (whether individually and/or as part of a team). Collaborative projects are welcomed, but the team must be eight or less people. All entrants (including all team members) must agree to the competition rules.


Winners will be announced during the Week of Making June 12-18.

Eligibility and Restrictions:

This contest is open to active students currently enrolled in one of the MakeSchools Alliance member schools. Click to view a list of member schools

Don't see your school? Send this link to your dean, provost or president and see if your institution can sign up. They can find the details at

A full list of eligibility requirements, terms and restrictions can be found in the competition rules.


If you'd like to know anything that isn't covered here, get in touch