December 10, 2014 — Features

Launching our Interview Series

Things are moving quickly with MakeSchools! Less than a week since we launched the site with our first set of University Profiles, we're introducing our interview series.

We’re asking leaders in the Maker community to contribute their thoughts on what it means to Make. Each Tiny Interview consists of just 7 important questions, asked of each interviewee so we can highlight a range of perspectives on Making.

The interviews are designed to be quick and easy to read so that anyone unfamiliar with ‘Maker culture’ can quickly have a strong introduction. When brought together, we hope they will work to reveal the importance of Making.

"Making is a phenomenon of cultural change."

Our first interview is with Ian Charnas, the Manager of Case Western Reserve University's think[box], a very exciting project that offers a free, transparently operated center for innovation which is open to 100% of the campus as well as free-of-charge to the public.

Ian's work has also been featured on and Wired Magazine, NPR and NPR online, Popular Mechanics, IEEE Spectrum, Boing-Boing, Make Magazine, PitchFork, and Hack-a-Day.

Head over and read the Ian's thoughts on Making and be sure to check out Case Western's University Profile too